LJUBA and VALENTIN JUŽINČ, the heart and soul of our tourism

Ljuba Južnič, Dipl.Eng. in Agronomy, Garden designer, Author, Geomancy researcher, Consciousness researcher
Books; "Pod okriljem Kapucinke" (Under the Capuchin's wing), "Rože hrana za dušo" (Flowers food for the soul), "21 korkov v Novo" (21 Steps to the new)
21 Korakov v novo
Valentin Južnič, member of Prifarski Muzikanti, co-founder and now the oldest member of Prifarski Muzikanti. Recognisable by his "bisernica", the smallest instrument among the tambourines, and his special baritone voice, he is the founder and long-time mayor of the municipality of Kostel, active in the development of the region, always ready to help and welcome people into his house.
Prifarski muzikanti

Castellum d.o.o., Kostel is a family-owned company with a long tradition of business, since 2016 we have been providing engineering services in the construction industry and garden design consultancy, in addition to sustainable green tourism. We respect tradition and bring our new energy to old houses. We renovate Kostel houses according to the principles of sustainable construction and re-use.

Our vision is that our guests feel at home and that the space itself offers you the opportunity to renew your energy and well-being.

You come as guests and you leave as friends. And than you stay in our hearts forever 😊😊😊

Pets are welcome

We have our pets too. Don't be surprised when you are greeted by our dogs Maks, Boba and Lili. They will become real friends and will play with you if you want them to, otherwise they will politely withdraw. In the garden and on the terrace you will also meet our pet kittens; Branko, Darko and the village king named Božo, and the white kitten Korina. Set them boundaries😊
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