1336 - KOSTEL

Latitude: 45.477350
Longitude: 14.882420



Forest. River. Garden. Flowers. Music.

Fara, Kostel is a fairy-tale village on the main road to the Adriatic Sea, in the heart of the Land of Water Kostel. Known by spring water of Costella surrounded with Seceret Forest of Kočevsko and the healing landscape of the Svet Kole & Svijet Kupe. You will find our accommodation, 3 authentic Kostel houses below the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary surrounded with Flower Garden at Fara.

Fara is an ideal starting point for a variety of different hikes and activities in the virgin nature of Secret Forest of Kočevsko.
  • Natural bathing area
The Kolpa River is just 100 metres away, the Prifarski jarak stream with pools of cold spring water is just behind the house, as is the Nežica waterfalls, just a 10-minute walk away. The Adriatic Sea, the island of Krk, is less than an hour's drive away.
  • Festivals / music
The Castle Kolpa Music Festival is traditionally open air festival. In early August this festival fills the village of Fara with the energy of young people and music, and makes a big difference to the life of the village and the wider surroundings.

Next big event is Tamburanje va Kostele ethnological event at Fara, always around 15 August for the Great Mass.
  • Rest / and Reset you self
A great choice for a break in the lap of nature away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The Flower Garden at Fara offers the flavours of natural wellness, a homely atmosphere, ease of stay, resting in the garden ets. And we promise you time is passes by differently at the Land of Water Kolpa. The mystique of timelessness.

Meditations. Garden therapies.

Professionally-led workshops are available. We are happy to share our knowledge with you.
Reset! is an invitation to a different world in the middle of the fairytale village of Fara.
  • Hiking / meditation walks
Peace and tranquillity invite you to step into the midst of Europe's largest complex of primeval forests, the Secret Forest of Kočevsko and the Risnjak National Park, on the Croatian side of the Kolpa River. Various hiking trails are marked, ranging from short meditative paths to the mountain transferzala. The hiking festival Bear's Footsteps, 30 or 60km long hike, is well known here.
  • Cycling / MTB
There are many marked cycling routes in the area, on both sides of the river Kolpa. There are no more borders. Bicycles are available free of charge at the house for shorter rides.
  • Cultural attractions / Vital energy centres
A few minutes' drive away is Kostel Castle, a special place that gave its name to the Kostel province, municipality, village and also language. The castle complex is the second largest in Slovenia. The 12 churches in Kostel are a special feature.

Natural Attractions. Nature Temples.

Fara is the centre of the Svet Kolpe project, with 40 marked vital energy centres and natural sanctuaries, in an unspoilt landscape of healing for body, soul and spirit. A true natural wellness. In the vicinity there are numerous springs of the Kolpa streams and rivers, Kupice, Mirtoviški potok, Zeleni vir, Kuželjsko okno, Kobilja jama... Meditation hikes are organised. Ask Ljuba.
  • virgin forest / Krokar, Rajhenavski Rog
  • rafting / kayak, canoe
Fara is a popular starting point for rafting and other water sports. Going down the Kolpa River is a perfect reset from the everyday.
  • Fishing on the Kolpa / fly fishing
  • Bear / forest animal watching
  • Karst caves / caving


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